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Christmas Eve

This is Mark Mobley's last sermon as senior pastor. We will be talking about Christmas Eve at the Mobley's house, Dr. Seuss' greatest quote, the drug God deals, who my kids should blame for my parenting skills, what we are afraid to let go of and why we shouldn't be, the power of faith, the centrality of love, and what it all leads up to.

21 Grams

We are going to talk about poor ways to name your child, what it takes to get God's attention, weird science, heavy people, why it is not a fun size, what God is interested in, Heaven's grading system, the best life possible, and what God wants every Christian to be like. 


I will be talking about the life of the Apostle John, why he lived so long, how Robbin lies every day, camping trip escapades, where we get confidence, how to be courageous, unflattering outfits, where not to make your bed, Satan's crowbar, and the ultimate theological conclusions of Karl Barth.